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When was this? What an asshole. If it was recent I shall find it on catch up and curse at the television and possibly smash it.

Ah, no: this was in 2002.  But rest assured the man remains a wanker of titanic proportions to this day. He’s said in recent interviews that he still hates the show and he’s still not sorry he cancelled it.

What a colossal turd.



i think the most terrifying part of Dimensions in Time is those floating 3D models of the first and second doctors’ heads, honestly



how unsettling is that

Yeah, honestly, who came up with that one. “Let’s bring back all the Doctors! YEAH! Wait, two of them are dead? Okay, let’s use their CREEPY DECAPITATED HEADS, the kids’ll love that!”

Not really a question, but anyway... on the day of the 50th anniversary, I started watching Doctor Who right from An Unearthly Child. I'm onto The Macra Terror now, and is it just me or is it absolutely INFURIATING that this serial is missing?! I'm watching it reconstructed from stills and it's so good, I just wish it wasn't missing D:

Season 4 is the jewel in the crown for me. Just my luck I’d pick as my favourite a season that’s 75% missing episodes! But there’s not a serial in it that I don’t love - even The Underwater Menace.

The Macra Terror strikes me as being a story with primarily visual impact, and so yes, you’re right: I suspect with that one we’ve lost considerably more of its essence than with other missing episodes. Some sixth sense tells me it will be returned, though. Call it a random hunch.






This doll required an unusually large amount of hair.


I love how people outside of the classic who fandom are so insistent that everyone hates six and adric and pays no attention to eight when really it’s just like

colin baker is god. worship the ground on which his crocs have touched. tomorrow we light our monthly memorial for our dearly missed adric and publish another book to give to paul mcgann for being such a cutie.


That time the Doctor and Ace went to 1963 and something extremely meta happened.

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